Five Ways to Elevate Your Self-Care Routine

Practicing self-care doesn’t mean you will automatically reap the benefits. Instead, you must learn to adapt your routine as you change and the years go by to see and promote proper balance. 

The following are five ways to elevate your self-care routine: 

Add Self-Care to Your Daily Calendar or To-Do Lists

Don’t expect yourself to do something without adding it to your calendar. The more you schedule and block out the time, the more likely you are to accomplish it as you no longer can use time as your excuse or reason to avoid it. Don’t let others allow you to cancel it or schedule over it, either. Just think about the last doctor’s appointment or meeting you scheduled. You wouldn’t dare re-schedule unless for a good reason. Use this same concept for self-care time too. 

Give Your Home Environment an Upgrade

Find things in your home that can use an upgrade or add something new to brighten up the space. Focus on the area you spend the most time in and think of what you could use to feel happier or more productive—the more functional, the better. For example, paint your walls a light and warm color, add art or family pictures, or add more storage so you can fit your favorite items more comfortably. Make a separate room or nook just for your hobby or find new towels and bedsheets in your favorite color for a couple more ideas. 

Increase Your Budget and Pamper Yourself

Look at your budget to see where you can reduce and add to your pampering. For example, take on a small part-time job or start a gig working just to pamper yourself. You will get more experience from the part-time work. You can also feel accomplished knowing that revenue is only for you and nothing else. 

Read With a Purpose and Challenge Yourself

Work to improve your weaknesses and perfect your strengths by gaining more knowledge and challenging yourself. Set a weekly goal that goes slightly beyond your skillset, commit to practice, and seek as much knowledge as possible. Even if you don’t achieve the goal completely, you can feel good knowing you gained more education about yourself and what you need to achieve more or be successful. 

Add Movement to Your Work

Just like proper hydration and diet, you must get moving. No matter what. Moving should always be a part of your daily to-do list. Research shows that the more sedentary you are, the more you cut your life span short. When in doubt or down, get out and go for a short walk. 

Add hobbies to your life that inspire you to stay fit and active. Even small leg, arm, or other body movements can do wonders. For example, if you do desk work, see if you can purchase a stand-up desk or a balance ball to sit on, or instead of checking your email at your desk, use your smartphone and check it while enjoying the fresh air outside in a park or other safe area.

As you can see, elevating your self-care routine is quite easy. Start with the one that resonates the most with you, and remember that as long as you take the time to be mindful, evaluate, and adjust, your self-care plan will be successful. 

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