Five Self-Care Tools to Utilize 

Self-care is about taking care of your life; mentally, physically, emotionally, and more to live a well-balanced, fulfilled, and happier life. While self-care is personal, that doesn’t mean you can’t find help to make the process easier. Many tools can help improve your routine, and keep you more consistent and aware of your results. 

The following are self-care tools to utilize to make your routine easier and more fulfilling: 

Online Assessments or Quizzes

Online quizzes can help you further identify your interests and help you evaluate the different areas in your life that you are doing well on or may need to improve. Of course, you can’t expect yourself to have all the answers or understand where to start all the time. But, these quizzes can help guide you in the right direction.

Meditation or Mood Journal 

These journals are a useful tool to allow you to keep track of important personal notes and other feelings and emotions you are experiencing throughout your day, week, or month. They also make it easier to track your results and ensure you get the benefits you need and desire from every meditation you perform.

YouTube or Twitch Live Feeds 

Today, you can instantly try any new hobby for free from YouTube or Twitch and participate with them while they are live, allowing you to ask questions and get a more detailed or personal response. 

InsightTimer SmartPhone Application

This is listed as the number one free application for those who struggle with anxiety, stress, insomnia, and other sleep problems. Simply search for a guide and follow along to your favorite meditation to improve your journey and keep you more consistent. They now offer a section for guided yoga classes too. 

Fitbit or Other Health Trackers

A Fitbit is a wristband that keeps track of your daily activities to promote a healthier lifestyle. For example, it lets you know your heart rate, and how many steps you have walked each day and even monitors your stress levels. It can even be set to remind you to get moving so you stay active throughout your day. 

Implementing these tools is vital if you have a demanding time sticking to your self-care routine. Self-care must be maintained to reap the ultimate benefits. These tools and assessments make it easier to accomplish and sometimes in a more fun way. A word of caution, too many tools can have the opposite effect. Which one works best for you?

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