Seven Small Self-Care Rituals to Follow Daily 

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Daily rituals inspire you to continue on a healthy path. They are a daily reminder of what is important to your life and allow you to unwind or prepare for the arduous work ahead. Rituals are much deeper than habits. While on the surface, they are pretty similar, a ritual has more depth and meaning. 

When you perform a ritual, you should practice mindfulness and remember the ultimate reason you are doing it. On the other hand, habits are tasks done without much thought and easy to perform, even if important. Often to change a bad habit, you have to catch yourself in the act. Rituals are completed with extra thought to achieve more, which is why they are vital to your self-care plan. 

If you want to be more successful with your self-care plan, add these rituals to your daily routine:

Clean Up Fast for Thirty Minutes

Without thinking about it, get moving and clean up your space. Raising your heart rate while also getting things done around the house is the goal. The less you think about what needs to get done and more about it being a physical activity, the more fun you can make it. Creating a large cleaning list will discourage just about anyone. 

Unplug During Breakfast and Dinner 

Intentionally break away from society while you eat. Think about your food and be aware of how you feel. Use this time to be thankful for the food you have and the life you are currently living. Forget about the outside world and be in tune with your surroundings. 

Skip the Morning Coffee and Try Lemon Water 

Caffeine is known to increase stress even if it gives you a nice productivity boost. However, warm lemon water in the morning can do that too, as it promotes proper blood flow with its inflammation decreasing properties. It also keeps you hydrated, maintaining your mental and physical health. 

Start Your Day with a Five-Minute Meditation 

Guided meditation can allow you to better prepare for the day ahead. However, jumping right into your busy day is stressful and can make it harder to manage your emotions and mental clarity throughout the day. 

Create Short To-Do Lists

Start each day with a clear intention. This can be done by creating concise do-do lists. Think of one major thing you need or want to accomplish and break it down into three to five small tasks. Be sure your list is scannable and clear to make it easier to accomplish. You don’t need a large to-do list to be productive. 

End Your Day with Reflection

This is by far the best self-care ritual you can establish for a long and happy life. Without evaluating and reflecting on your past self, you will have a harder time recognizing the areas you need to do better in order to feel optimal. 

Get Walking or Jogging

Movement is your best friend. Research shows that incorporating at least forty-five minutes of physical activity a day can increase your life span. It also decreases stress hormones and sends dopamine to your brain that makes you feel better and happier longer. 

Remember, to get the most out of these rituals, you must practice mindfulness. Be aware of your emotions, how you feel and what you need to do next each step of the way. As you add these rituals and do them more each day, they will become a habit and take less effort from you to be aware and more conscious. Being more aware of your actions ensures safety, ultimate health, and happiness. 

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