Five Ways to Practice Emotional Self-Care Right Now

Emotional self-care is one of many areas of self-care that is vital to living a prosperous and happier life. It is the ability to control or manage your emotions and better identify what you are feeling to take proper and consistent action. It is in tune with your emotions, so you know that you live the life you want and need. Suppressing emotions is not the way to optimal health. It only prevents you from doing the things you wish or need to be healthy and happy. 

Don’t Push Away Your Feelings Right Away

Having emotional intelligence does not mean you will be in a happy or positive mood all the time. Now and then, experiencing sadness or anxiety (and even more so during major life transitions) is 100 percent normal. Please find a way to express and analyze them in a healthy way instead, such as a mood journal through a therapist or an accountability partner. 

Make You a Priority Each Day 

Learn to admire your value. Even those with weaknesses and mistakes are valuable in life. Put your principles, morals, values, and life goals and needs first, and learn to say no more often. 

Identify Your Common Emotional Triggers

Everyone has things that make them feel uncomfortable or send them down negativity. Learn to be aware of what they are and find ways to cope, push through, or avoid them just as you would avoid the snack aisles if you were trying to lose weight. The more you ignore them and don’t accept them, the more likely you will cave.

Create a Gratitude Jar 

Start each morning with something you are thankful for. Write it down and keep it in a jar. Any time you feel down, take one out and read it aloud. Try to remember what you felt when you first wrote it and why. This practice will allow you to step back, unwind, and remember that there is something to be happy or grateful for even through difficult times. 

Give and Receive More

Reward yourself when you have accomplished tasks and find ways to give back to those who helped or anyone in your community. Doing these tasks will only increase your confidence and a sense of purpose. Doing good in the world spreads and fills you and others with positivity, hope, and happiness. 

Overall, emotional self-care is about feeling, listening, and homing in to ensure you are respectful to yourself and the things you want out of life. Ignoring your emotions only prevents you from making the right decisions and actions each day. Add these emotional self-care tips to your daily life to develop a well-rounded self-care plan. 

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