Common Barriers to Self-Care and How to Avoid Them

If you have problems adding self-care to your daily routine. Don’t stress, and you are not alone. There are many barriers that life throws in your way that make it difficult to accomplish. Understanding what they are and preparing beforehand provides you with a better chance of creating a successful plan. 

A plan that skips identifying common obstacles or barriers is a plan that will fail as it’s not fully outlined. The more you know what may get in your way, the more successful you will be as you create or take better steps with it or around it. 

The following are the common barriers to self-care and tips on how to avoid them: 

Not Enough Time 

If you are using the common excuse of not having time for self-care to excuse yourself from doing so, understand that it is simply because you have yet to find the right tools or resources to help. You are most likely putting others before yourself and neglectingly adding self-care to your daily to-do lists and calendars. If you want to reach a goal enough, you will make and find the time. Look at your schedule and see where you can put it. A five-minute meditation first thing in the morning can go a long way to starting a proper self-care routine. 

Prioritizing the Needs of Others 

Unfortunately, it is common to feel guilty or selfish when practicing self-care – especially for women—leading you and many other Americans to put the needs and wants of others first. It is seen as a self-fulfilling prophecy to do others. However, this is not the way to think. The more mentally healthy you are, the more you can offer to others. Therefore, always give to yourself first. 

Keeping Your Emotions Inside and to Yourself 

Proper communication, expression of your opinions, and sharing your boundaries are essential to applying self-care. Keeping these things to yourself will make it harder for you to achieve them as you become consumed in stress, mental fog, and regret. Find those who allow you to express yourself fully. 

Not Enough Money

While it is true that many things in life cost money to do, not all self-care requires a large budget. Getting out into nature, taking advantage of all the free recreations your local community offers, and finding ways to pamper yourself beyond monetary things are all ideas to try. 

Don’t let these common barriers get in your way of pure happiness and healthiness with a proper self-care plan. These barriers only serve one purpose; to keep you down. You have the power to overcome them as long as you recognize them, prepare, and act. 

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